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So I’ve just had my dad out here in Australia from England for the last few weeks and we had such a fantastic time, going bush walking, sight seeing and trawling markets.  Plus thanks to an inspired purchase we played Frisbee everyday and it was soo great to feel alive and energetic and move around and jump and catch and understand all the different throws.  We also flew down to Adelaide to see my aunt for a week and we did lots of fabulous things there too, like going to see Limbo Unhinged at The Garden of Unearthly Delights!! What a show!

Oh goodness me.  SO many things happened on holiday.  I reached  my ‘Lose 10kg’ milestone!! Which feels amazing.  Now I only have 5 more kilos to go.  I can’t really believe it!  On the 15th, my other half and I celebrated 13 whole years together and just recently, on the 20th, I turned 30 years old and received a HEAP of beautiful gifts!!

30th Birthday Gifts

PLUS I got flowers from my wonderful man and felt just like a queen!

So now I’m thirty, I feel kind of qualified or something, like I know who I am and what I feel, in what direction my moral compass lies and what I find important in life.

As if all that wasn’t enough, today is my other half’s birthday too!  March really is a mad month, let me tell you.  And now I do have a bit of ‘after holiday brain fuzz’.

Does this happen to you too?

I am literally not sure which way is up, or what I am supposed to be doing at any given moment! I think I used to write in my diary each morning but after that, I genuinely can’t recall.  Maybe I read magazines and crocheted a bit? I work out, of course, I won’t forget that in a hurry.

What do you do in your spare time?

So maybe it’s time for new things? A new chapter? Does it even matter what I used to do before the holiday? I’m leaning towards no. I think it seems healthy to change things up.  For all I know, I fell into a rut and didn’t know it.

I think I’ve decided.  I’m going to spend more time doing bloggy crochet things and making tutorials and the like to send into magazines.  Oooh it sounds exciting!! Yay!!

Okay…so I think I’m nearly there.  I like reading magazines (mostly Frankie, Slow & Peppermint), crocheting, working out, writing in my diary, playing Frisbee, colouring! Oh how I love colouring, being crafty, cooking vegan yumminess, Ooooh planning my wedding!!! Yes!!!, Blogging and making crafty tutorials and listening to music on my iPod, looking at cat memes on Pinterest, Oh and podcasts. Love a good podcast. And I dearly love to laugh!

So what sort of things do you like?



6 thoughts on “After-holiday-brain-fuzz…

  1. Happy Belated Birthday greetings Asa-Marie!
    Glad you had a great holiday and how wonderful that you made it to Adelaide for the Fringe (my home city).
    I’ve been wondering about you daily ever since it became apparent that Cyclone Debbie would be causing flooding around northern NSW. Wishing you more hope than heartache. Take care and all the best with your new post-holiday ventures.

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    1. Oh totally, like 100%! I’m going for vintage/handmade and everything has to have a touch of craftiness about it. In fact I think I may be able to open a wedding decorations business afterwoods as for all the things I’ll have left over!


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