Granny Square Number 5


Oh sheesh I still haven’t done any ends.  One day soon I’ll post you know and I’ll line up all the granny squares in a row be all like – “See, told you I would do it…” For now though, you have complete permission to not believe me in the slightest, mostly because I’m not actually terribly sure I believe myself. Gahh! This is like two challenges in one!!

Do YOU tuck in ends as you go? Or leave them all till the end? Why or why not?

(By the way my camera batteries died so I’m just going to pretend there’s not a hair wrapped around the granny square. Of course it had to be a grey didn’t it?)

So that’s my mini goal for me tomorrow, –  JUST tuck in the ends!  Speaking of goals I have to say thus far I’m pretty pleased with my commitment over the first five days – I’ve actually stuck to it and made five granny squares. (#grannysquarewillpower) Yay!

Do you set goals at this time of year ? Or maybe you just sort of wing it? How are you going with your resolutions, if you made them?

I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I actually have and what’s more, I didn’t expect to be doing these ‘mini posts’ along side them, which I’ve also been enjoying to write because it’s always a surprise topic for me too, because I don’t plan these posts, taking more of a journalistic approach to them and I just love that.


2 thoughts on “Granny Square Number 5

  1. Two challenges in one … that’s a new way of looking at it but you are right because there is the crocheting and the sewing. The sewing gets quicker and easier with practice. If you leave a long time between sewing sessions, you have to take time to remember how to do it. If you do it straight after each square, it will soon become second nature and not such a chore.
    If you hadn’t mentioned any hair tangles, I wouldn’t have noticed it. Your photos are lovey and clear. I am trying to picture how it will look when all the differently coloured squares are placed together. Will you be summarising your progress with photos of grouped squares or will you be keeping us all in suspense? 😉
    Well done on maintaining the daily challenge. It is not as easy as it sounds, especially when other aspects of life want to interfere. Cheers!

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    1. Oh gosh. That’s a really good question. I think I’ll do some daily posts of squares and some grouped photos with heaps of squares … as to the finish I think I’ll do white, as the fifth round on all of them (blast I’ll have to go back and do that) and with a raised sc/dc seam on the right side. Yes. I’ve always wanted a white – joined granny square blanket.


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