Welcome to The Craft Poppet! It’s a craft blog.  It has a mind of it’s own. It likes well written things and good word usage.  It has a left of field approach and comfy sort of atmosphere –  it’s quirky and isn’t afraid to be weird, whacky, humorous, fun or silly!

You would like The Crafty Poppet if…

You’d like a bit of craft with your words and some words with your craft.

You would appreciate somewhere you can connect to alternative like-mindedness (because that’s totally a thing) and not feel quite so weird.  Fly your freak flags people, just let them fly. Oh and it helps if you like craft, too.  It’s not a pre-requisite or anything but I am prone to harping on about it.

Or you might connect with the style of the posts – I tend to go for a pretty candid tone and am inclined to write the way I would talk and then wonder if people will even understand me. Anyway, like I was saying there’s lots of crafty things to do and it’s a great place to come and have a laugh at silly posts.

You can learn to crochet, check out patterns, try some cross stitch, peak at photos, look at creative processes and things to do with blogging. Oh and baking, we can’t forget a good bit of baking. SO lots of fabulous things, recipes and vintage bits and bobs, but with most posts having a crafty twist. Or five. It’s probably five.




Please feel free to contact me at thecraftypoppet@outlook.com,  I look forward to chatting with you.


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