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I want to make ALL the things!

Oh My!  I am so excited. Now that my course has finished (hence my 8 month hiatus) I get three whole days of my life back each week. I vow never to procrastinate again. Ever.  I just want to make everything, do all the crochet alongs, take part in blog games, design patterns and write and make… Continue reading I want to make ALL the things!

Creative Organisation · life and lists

Keep it simple, stupid!

I’ve noticed the creative organisation topic floating around in the blogosphere for a little while now and I have to say in response, that I think in a way we set ourselves up for failure.  I for one have tried so, so many times to be more organised, more scheduled, more responsible, more in control of my time… Continue reading Keep it simple, stupid!

behind the scenes

The Crafty Poppet blog is here!

  Hello and welcome all fellow craft nuts, crochet zealots and curious folk alike!  Don’t you just love the first of January?  It always leaves me feeling freshly inspired and hopeful with thousands of ideas and far too much creativity for any one person…so what better day than this to start a fabulous new craft blog sharing all sorts of delectably… Continue reading The Crafty Poppet blog is here!