Taking Stock…

So long 2016! Now you are well and truly gone (Can you believe it’s March already?!) and I just wanted to take stock of the things I made last year and notice those good things.  I think it’s good to do that. So many times I’ve beaten myself up for starting things and not finishing them, project hopping and the like – but this is just how you learn. It’s experimental and playful which is good and wholesome and healthy and shouldn’t be ignored. In fact if not for stop – starting and project hopping, I may not have completed the projects I actually did finish, as well as I did, as I may not have learned the things I picked up from all the experimenting and playing.

So after looking back, I started looking not forward, but to now, and just LOVED this post idea on Pip Lincolne’s blog, Meet Me at Mikes. So I decided to do one too!


Making : The Granny Cocoon Shrug in a 2 ply cotton. Found here.
Cooking : Vegan things! Felafel, veggie soups, curries…that sort of stuff.
Drinking : Oh my gosh so much water. Like 5 Litres easy.
Reading: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs (The books are SO much better than the movie.)
Trawling: OP SHOPS. Like omg.
Wanting: All the things. An Ipod mostly … I need more music in my life.
Looking: Trimmer. I am happy to say that my veganism and exercise is paying off.
Deciding: If I have enough time to make something before going to the shops.
Wishing: It wasn’t so hot. Moustache sweat is not attractive.
Enjoying: Giving myself a break. You don’t have to be perfect! Did you know??!
Waiting: For my Dad to come out for a visit from the U.K!
Liking: That the house is nice and clean and tidy … people should come to visit more often!
Wondering: What to make next?
Loving: The amount of things I could recycle and reuse by making jewellery.
Listening: To lots of Indie/Folk music.
Buying: New clothes now that I lost a bit of weight …
Watching: Vegan food documentaries, environmental docos, health docos.
Hoping: That Dad will have a nice time in Australia.
Marvelling: At how good a vegan diet has been proven to be – it’s a whole lifestyle change.
Cringing: At how gross some people can be in public.
Needing: To actually go and get the things I need.
Questioning: Where all the odd socks go after all the washing is done.
Smelling: Next doors’ petrol mower fumes. Yuck!
Wearing: Pyjamas.
Noticing: That wealthy folks have more than one income stream.
Knowing: That life is a fun journey, that doesn’t have to be planned to the whiz.
Thinking: There’s a lot of stuff I have to come up with to fill out this form …
Admiring: People who have lots to do just doing it like fabulous troopers. Aren’t they fab?!
Getting: Better at this life thing. You live and you learn.
Bookmarking: OMG crochet patterns all the time!! This is a recent one.
Disliking: How much time you can waste on silly things.
Opening: New doors to new opportunities. Uh-huh.
Feeling: Calm, comfortable, free and mindful.
Hearing: Morning noises, cars starting and children walking to school.
Celebrating: My 30th on the 20th!!! Golly.
Embracing: Veganism!


So what are you taking stock of? Maybe you could do a ‘taking stock’ post on your blog too?

Take care, and take stock!



4 thoughts on “Taking Stock…

    1. Oh thank you so much! I made it for my mother in law and have been green with envy ever since. I think taking stock is really important – especially so for those of us who are really busy. It shows that we are achieving things, but more deeply than that I think it makes you mindful of the little things that are going on in your life : ) #mindfulness


  1. Hi Asa-Marie,
    Your photographs are gorgeous, and I echo Tanglewood Knots’ sentiments about the green shawl – so lacy and lovely.

    I cannot help but ask for your advice on a good falafel recipe. I will be planting broadbeans shortly so it would be good to be able to make my own falafel when they mature.

    I like to use New Year’s Eve to take stock but it is important throughout the year. I’m currently taking stock of my crochet – there are so many different techniques and patterns to try. How do I fit in the ‘playful experimental learning stuff’ with the ‘intentional purposeful stuff’ that is needed to achieve specific goals? Deep and meaningful questions there! ;-P ;-D

    You are right in that lots of little, different projects are the way to learn a lot in a short time when it comes to crochet. You did a good job getting lots of things completed despite project hopping and other distractions.

    Your list above is huge; I hope it has helped you. It certainly helps your readers to get to know you better. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh Jodie thanks so much! I’m always such a perfectionist with my photos, so that’s lovely to hear. Ooh that green shawl was so lovely to make – I am now quite envious of my mother in law as it was a gift for her! I’ll have to make one for myself.

      Oh my! A falafel recipe. Well, here’s the thing – I am looking for one too. I fell out of love with my last one but I tell you what, when I find the best falafel recipe I will totally do a post on it and I will totally try and get broad beans in there as well.

      Oh what a lovely idea to take stock on New Years Eve…I might have to pinch that from you! With regard to the crochet, for me, I think I mostly try and do both play and purpose at the same time and seek out those projects that use new techniques and stitches (the ‘play’) which can then be given as gifts or be useful somehow, but purpose is deeper than this for me, yet simple too.

      On the whole I really think that whether or not we realise it, we are actually doing it all, all of the time, because every time you pick up that hook, you have your reason (the ‘purpose’) and it’s a new experience and you get better at your technique, or the way you hold your project or the way you read a pattern (more play and learning stuff there). I don’t think we should let hindsight ruin our reasons for making things in the past – even if they’re now fugly/silly/pointless/didn’t work, it was a good enough reason at the time and that was our purpose, which of course could be as simple as ‘I made it because I liked it’.

      Thanks so super much for your comment! I really love it when people take the time, it’s so appreciated.

      Have a lovely day! Asa-Marie


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