Granny Square Number 4!


Ooooh goodness me it’s been a long day. How about yours? For some reason, still unbeknownst to myself, I decided to do new work outs (though I did enjoy them) and try and find that niche business opportunity all in one day.  I always find creative decisions SO completely exhausting!

Maybe that happens to you too?

Well, I’m not sure I’m that much closer to my creative niche, (maybe I’ve got a little idea) but I do know that I love making granny squares (#grannysquaresforever). Hmmm..maybe I need to pay closer attention to that.  I think I tend to like making the simpler things in general actually and be able to visualise the finished project, even before I’ve started.

What about you? What’s your creative niche? What keeps you ticking along? I’d love to know your niche story, or how you came to do whatever it is that you do. I LOVE success stories. Don’t you? I can’t get enough of those on the Etsy blog. The Featured Shop and the Quit Your Day Job series are pretty up there too. I love all that good, squishy, inspirational stuff. How about you?

Well, me and my sore muscles are going to go and eat some felafels.


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