Granny Square Number 3


Goodness me. There must be something magical about 2017 because here I am again with yet another Granny Square!! I will have to watch a podcast tonight, squares in hand, tucking tails away.

I’ve only really been into two different podcasts lately, one by the fabulous Jooles over at Sew Sweet Violet where magical things are made (also I want her yarn!!OMG!! Her yarn stash must be amazeballs) and the Create and Thrive podcast which I’ve only just started tuning into.  Jess is the creator of Create and Thrive where she strives to help businesses succeed – something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, so I think for now I might get into an episode of the Create & Thrive podcast and see what I can learn.

Maybe you have a favourite podcast that listen to all the time? I’d love to know who they are and what they pod/cast about and I’ll have a bit of a squiz.

Still seem to be humming along just fine with my ‘two – journal’ approach to creative organisation and today I EVEN cut myself some slack.

I love 2017! Is there a little bit of magic in your New Year as well?


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