Granny Square Number 2!!


Well here it is folks! My second granny square on the second day – I can’t quite believe I’ve actually kept to the challenge so far and for that I am so pleased with myself. Maybe you find year long challenges a tough nut to crack as well?

I think it must be the new journal I got for Christmas.  I always buy myself the Frankie diary each year, so this year, I decided my gifted journal should be a purely businessy type one. Shh..don’t tell anyone – but I think I might be on to something.

It’s just all a bit more bite sized having two little lists that seem achievable, one for annoying personal things, like ‘You really have to do washing today. No excuses.’ and one for all things blog and Etsy…can this count as a ta-da moment?! It seems like a break through for me at least. I’ve never, ever managed to get through my to do lists.

Also I am just super stoked with today’s granny square – look how happy and colourful it is! SO cheerful and yay.

How do you manage your to do lists? Do you (just) get through them every day or wonder  how on Earth everyone else does it too?


2 thoughts on “Granny Square Number 2!!

  1. Cute colours – bright and cheerful! Remember to weave in the ends as you go. You will not thank yourself if you leave it until the end. Your two journal system is a concept I have toyed with as well. I used to have a household planner and a medical diary but the medical diary became the place for detailed lists and thoughts.
    Nowadays, I have a large month-to-a-page diary for an overview of all the regular things which is useful for long-term planning and then a day-to-a-page dairy for scheduling and the ‘To Do’ lists. My lists are always too long as there are always more things to be done than can fit in a day but if I can get the most important things done in a timely fashion, I am satisfied.
    This system works really well for me. Having separate journals for your personal vs. craft activities is a great idea. Even though I don’t have a separate craft journal, I do keep separate lists in the daily journal. I’m keen to know how the new system works for you this year. It sounds like you have a big crafting year planned. 🙂

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    1. I certainly do have a very big crafty year planned!! Oh you know I just knew someone would catch me up on not having woven in my ends on that square – I’d better do it today or this will not be a quick thing for me to do each day at all. Oh I like the sound of an overview of what’s happening, that sounds great for goal setting too. The only thing that’s not included in my system thus far is checklists – I really need to write up all the things I ought to be doing for my blog and etsy shop on a checklist to be frequently completed – then I think I’d get somewhere. Well I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how my crafty organisation comes along as the year progresses – I’m keen to see as well!


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