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Chrissy Countdown Days 3 & 4!

Ooooh it’s nearly CHRISTMAS!!!  Are you ready?!? Are you having a super massive get together with your folks or are you keeping it simple this year? It looks like our Christmas will be pretty quiet as for work over the holidays – but that doesn’t mean that gifts will make themselves!   I do love making things and gifts for people and I’m so nearly finished…with about six left to go – luckily though, I won’t need all of them ready before Chrissy.

I’m so excited because today I have just finished these beauties!

The pattern is from Maki Oomachi’s book Simply Adorable Crochet, they’re the ‘Baby’s Holiday Shoes’ pattern.  I used a thick 4ply cotton and a 3.5mm hook and followed the pattern precisely except on the last row of the pattern I didn’t break the thread to make the strap.  Oh and I didn’t have chains standing in for stitches either. I don’t like that. For the right foot I just did 10 dc/sc stitches, then 10 chains for the strap and another 8 chains for the button loop. I dc/sc back into the 8th chain from the hook and then dc/sc across the strap and around the rest of the shoe.  For the left shoe I did the same exact thing apart from doing 20 dc/sc upfront so that the strap starts from the inside. Best thing is, they make up in no time at all and took me about an hour and a half I guess.

Naturally, I’m super duper pleased with them – they’re cute as can be, but if you’re not in the market for something to whip up for the tiny tot in your fam then these quick projects might be just the ticket. I just LOVE all of these – they’re brilliant!

  1. You’ll have a whale of a time with this tissue box cover. (See what I did there?!)
  2. Give this to those who wear their heart on their sleeve.  I’m really not sure if I can stop the double entendres…I’m completely at their mercy.
  3. THIS 30 minute cowl will have you all wrapped up.  Really. I didn’t have to try for that one did I? SO jealous of those folks enjoying Winter right now by the way. It’s just not fair – I want a cowl too.
  4. Do you ever have trouble coming up with gifts for the boys? Well. I dare say ideas will be afoot when you see this super quick project.  You’ll see what I did there.
  5. I so super love this AMAZING dream catcher! I can’t believe how easy the (brilliant) infographic makes it look. Can’t wait to try it and it’d make such a beautiful gift.

So what have you been making? How many presents have you got left to go? Whatever you’re doing don’t forget to share your Christmas makes on The Crafty Poppet’s Facebook page so I can have a good old sticky beak and we’ll have a crafty chinwag.

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