Chrissy Countdown Treat Number 2!!

Hello and merry Christmas everyone!! I’m back with another super duper quick gift to be whipped up at a moments notice ready for Christmas. It’s pretty too – if I do say so myself!

So, like the Christmassy Slice from yesterday’s post this is JUST the gift to make if you’re a little short on time and still need a gifts for girls or ladies.  Although the Christmassy Slice can be eaten by boys and men as well.

Oh my goodness I love this gift – I’m a bit jealous actually but then I can always make one for myself.  I really should write a list for all the things I say that about because I totally don’t make myself one, like ever. Does it happen like that for you too? I normally end up just moving onto the next thing….Oh apart from when I recently did these bookmarks for a couple of birthdays last month, I was all like


“Look what I made!! Errr, I’m so keeping this one – I’ll just have to make an extra one for the birthday gift.”

So that was heaps nice. Here’s to more crafty bits for me when I say to myself that I would like one too!

Alright. SO. Super side tracked there. With out further ado, here is Rose’s Starflower Bracelet.


I can’t believe this is my first in-blog ta-da! OMG! Yay for ta-da moments!!

I am just so super duper pleased with how this turned out! I can hardly believe it. SO much better than I thought it’d be.  I got the pattern from here at a blog called ‘For the Love of Scarves’.

I can totally recommend the pattern. It’s really very easy and although it’s designed with hemp and a big hook it really worked with cotton and 3mm which is fab for me as this is going to my second youngest niece who’s just turned 3 back in October. Her name is Rose and she’s a really, really pretty child – so when I saw this colour cotton combine with this amazing little button I bought at Stokers Siding in the Northern Rivers I just knew it was right for a little princess.

Oh my goodness I just totally enjoyed making this pattern and you know what it only took me about ten minutes or so. The only thing the pattern doesn’t let you know though is that it’s a multiple of 4 + 2 for your beginning chain. I decided not to simply go down a hook size for bigger and smaller sizes but instead change the multiple. You see I’m not sure, using 4 ply cotton (Paton’s Regal) that I actually would have got it long enough with a 3mm hook had I have followed the pattern and not increased my multiple.

I think I did 32 chains to begin, with, as I say Paton’s Regal 4 ply in Tangerine.  Then I just followed the pattern from there, which ended up being 5 inches in length, not counting the button loop.

Happy Christmas everyone and happy Christmas crocheting!!!

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