The Hat That Wasn’t…



SO. My hat is not a hat.  But it has morphed! Into a cowl!!!  Maybe your projects morph into other things along the way too?

Initially what happened was that I originally had made and completed a cowl – not pictured as it was a bit of a fail like OMG. It failed because my stitch was too lacy and the yarn to light. And then I blocked it. I think it may have actually returned to it’s original molecular structure, it was so lacking in shape and became Drapey McDrapeALot. In hindsight it was actually one of those times where you can look back and realise that you knew you were making the mistakes the whole time – so of course I felt super bummed out and the cowl that I had spent a few weeks on, carefully stitching, being careful not to split the yarn, (case and point right there – why use that yarn?!) was suddenly useless and had exactly no purpose.  It was just a floppy collar for some unnamed in between kind of season that really doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. Apart from maybe Melbourne. But still. There was definitely no way I could give it as a gift – it’d be unwrapped and “Oh…What’s that?” would quickly follow, wiping the joy off of a dear relative’s face, excitedly gained from the anticipation of unwrapping the present at high speed. So I was all like “SIGH.” and slumped off like a sad Emoji…because Emojis totally slump and my simile is brilliant.

After a short while though, I picked myself up a bit and decided to carry on with another gift.  But, of course, that too also started not to work out… “Oh Ffs!!” I exclaimed to myself when I tried on the bottom-up hat and watched it slowly but surely, slip off my shiny locks and plant itself firmly around my neck..

…but then…it did look rather well just there…

“Oh.” I said to myself.  “…you want to be a cowl!!”

“So,” I said to myself, now cheerily buoyant as for my newly morphed hat that wasn’t, “I suppose I should make some gloves to go with it!”









4 thoughts on “The Hat That Wasn’t…

  1. Right there with you on the “morphed into something I don’t recognize” piece of handiwork. I have some crocheted pieces that I won’t let out of my snuggles drawer but they were made with fancy (read: expensive to me) yarn and I cannot bear to throw them away…

    Found you at Fox’s Lane-Kate’s gorgeous blog and wanted to read you too. Off to your archives-thanks for a Saturday fun afternoon getting to know you and your blog buddies.

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    1. Ah yes I have had a lot of those as well – I had them in a separate place from my unfinished projects, but now I think I’m finally ready to pull them apart and get the yarn back! Maybe that will happen for you too? Thanks so much for coming over to read my blog! I appreciate it so much, it’s great motivation. Happy reading!

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