A Little Bit More

So today and yesterday I have been quite productive. Yesterday I was crocheting a sweet little hat for a baby girl all day and finished it too – it’s drying now so I’ll be sure to post a photo tomorrow.  It came out too small though, I wasn’t following the original instructions as the pattern I followed was for an adult’s sun hat and I knew I wanted to make it for a baby at six months old so I used a smaller hook. Too small!

I went down by .75mm and got 3-6 months instead of 6-12.  I think I crochet tightly? But it doesn’t feel like it though, then again, my only basis for comparison is my own crochet so that’s not exactly what I imagine they were going for when they developed the parameters of a fair test…

Anyhoo.  I also finished a cowl for a Chrissy gift – also blocking as we speak, so I still have that ‘accomplishment of a recently completed project’ feeling.  Yay!  I don’t think I have ever and I mean EVER finished two things on the same day before. Double yay! SO super exciting pictures to come tomorrow!  Today I have a hat update and something VERY exciting!!

Otherwise today…I did a little bit more…



But I’m not sure if you can tell?  I have to get the pattern part above the ribbing up to 9 inches so that it slouches – I have about 3 inches to go.  It’s a fun pattern to do, being so easy to remember, allowing me to go off into my own little world and zone out to space music  in the back ground.  I say space music because that’s what it makes me think of – I watch a lot of Sci-Fi shows and that sort of music does pop up a lot in those sorts of shows. In reality it’s just non vocal music made with a mixture of computer generated music and instruments, it’s quite entrancing and I’ve lost hours before just happily crocheting away in my snug, happy little zone…

Oh my goodness me how have I not mentioned the weather yet??!!!  It is soooo hot.   It was 37.5 yesterday.  And with humidity it felt like 41. Just doing a few rows and having that hat on me is too much.  I also have to wear glasses to crochet and develop substantial nose sweat in conditions above 35 degrees.

It is more than displeasing.

On a happier note (mainly because I don’t need to wear my glasses for pictures) – LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE POST!!!



I have wanted this book for sooooo long!! I have had it out from the library so many times and always said how I would love it.  Finally – it’s mine!! I love that each and every pattern has a diagram as that is just so much quicker and way easier to use that reading every little line of a pattern and it has already inspired me to change a thought I had about a granny square bag and how I might now change it to the Sunflower Square.  Maybe.  Or both?! I could do both.  I really did want a granny square bag.  But the flower’s so pretty….Betty Barnden is my hero!


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