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Changing it up…

SO. After a lot of not much coming out of this blog I have decided to make it into my crochet journal. I was reading Pip Lincolne’s ‘Craft  for the Soul’ and came across this great little chaptery part.  By the way, if you haven’t read this book – you should, it’s totally great and gotten me out of the ‘creative rut’ more than a few times.  Anyhoo the chaptery part was in Chapter 7 ‘Do New Stuff’ and says that when you are in a creative rut and you finally come up with a  great idea, you should make a declaration and tell people you are doing it!

So that’s what I’m doing.  I have decided that this blog is going to be my own little area of the internet where I can share a bunch of crochet things and nerd out about crochet with other crochet nerds.

I’ll share what I’m crocheting, techniques I’m using and you might, well, you’ll more than likely see some ideas in the making for patterns I’ll publish for free and for sale on Etsy.

Sounds good to me! Let’s get started.  Maybe I should see if I can do I post a day for the rest of December? I might actually finish all my Christmas gifts if I hold myself accountable to that.

So right now I’m working on a hat for a Christmas present and I’m a tiny bit worried that I’ve made it a centimetre or two too tight but I’m pretty sure the blocking process will loosen it up a bit. (I hope!)


Do not adjust.JPG

In any case you don’t want to make it so loose it falls off and slips down. I’m probably worrying over nothing.  It’s not like trying on a hat in regional Australia is any indication of how a hat ought to fit and feel because I don’t even think I wore a coat this past Winter, much less a bloody hat. So what would I know. I’m sure it’s fine. Hell, if I was in a European Winter, I’d be thankful for a hat – any hat!




4 thoughts on “Changing it up…

  1. Oh man, that hat. It. Is. EPIC. For a second I thought it was knit, that’s how fine and delicate it looks. Ha! “Much less a bloody hat” is bloody well right! Don’t even get me NEAR anything made of yarn, it’s far too hot to even entertain the idea.
    Ooh? What’s this? A blog a day? I think writing a journal is a fantastic way to take the pressure off of writing that “traditional” blog post. More pic, please! I’m drooling.

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    1. Naaaw thanks! It’s actually done with a 4mm so it’s not that chunky but it’s not that fine either I guess…I’m trying on the blog a day journal thing for size. I may have spoken too soon haha! I would love to do it though it would be fun.


  2. You’ll probably find that the crocheted ribbing is less springy than knitted ribbing so it is probably better that it is tighter to begin with as it is likely to lose a little bit of stretchiness as it wears. That was my discovery with headbands that relied on working into front loops only or back loops only to create the stretchy rib.

    Love the colour and texture of your hat. I agree with Jennifer (above) – more pics as you go. A post a day sounds very ambitious but then it depends on whether your blog style is succinct or not! (Mine is verbose!) 😉

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    1. Ooh yes it is much les springy and on this hat I used a technique which made the band possibly even less springy than normal but it looks better….Thanks for cheering me on! I’ll be sure to post more pics but I must say I’m not sure about a post a day myself but I would like to – we’ll se won’t we?! I still have time tonight!


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