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I want to make ALL the things!

Oh My!  I am so excited. Now that my course has finished (hence my 8 month hiatus) I get three whole days of my life back each week. I vow never to procrastinate again. Ever.  I just want to make everything, do all the crochet alongs, take part in blog games, design patterns and write and make stuff profusely.

From Christmas gifts to a new wardrobe, to birthdays and things I am TOTALLY coveting right now….aaarrggh!! I can’t stop thinking about making EVERYTHING.

I have been crocheting up a storm  – I am making my own version of a doily rug – but I am using thrifted chunky yarn so it has been frogged three times already as I didn’t have enough to complete it and now I think I’m onto it but need to start from the beginning for it to be perfect, so that’s not pictured here.

But I am VERY pleased with my cushion cover made out of bright and happy grannies, my super soft, Summery cotton version of the wonderful Granny Cocoon Shrug by Maria Valles and the AMAZING  ‘Circular Shawl’ from 1905 that I have finally got round to starting. Yay!  You can download it as a PDF for free if you click on the download button and the left hand tab.

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I’ve really been enjoying these patterns so much, for two reasons.  Firstly, the granny square cushion cover is my OWN design and it is just so effortlessly simple! I love making simple things.  It means I can just crochet and zone out, go into my own little world and just go with the flow.  And the little squares are so happy and bright and cheerful and yay every time I look at them!  The Granny Cocoon Shrug is a bit like this too, it’s essentially just one big giant granny square – I’m nearly at the bit where you join up the sides a little and make baggy arm holes.  The others are The Willow Bag by Kristin Omdahl and the Circular Shawl from a 1905 newspaper article.  I like these two because of the way they’re designed, which is to increase too fast so they become frilly and ruffled and then over a large amount of subsequent rows, no increase is made in order to bring them to the correct shape, or flat in the case of the shawl. It just means that you don’t have to decrease for the bag and you don’t have to increase so much for the shawl so there’s less room for error.

Maybe there are certain things you love about the different aspects of crochet too?

So as for the other things, I rather excitedly made a linky list to share all the things I want to make and pinterest board here which is quite inspiring (and by no means exhaustive) to look at indeed.  I might even start making things on my Ravelry queue.  I have a really, really bad habit (well it’s quite enjoyable actually) of just pattern hunting on Ravelry and just adding the patterns to my queue and then I go crochet three things that aren’t even on it.

Linky List

1. Just about EVERYTHING on this site search.  I think it’s like the Chinese version of Pinterest. Can’t be sure though.  Can anyone read it?

2. Dumpling Kitties!!!

3. Stars for Christmas.

4. Cather by Mary Beth Temple.

5. Sea Turtle by Yumiko Alexander.

6. These amazing ballerina slippers by Nelly Handmade.

7. All these baskets.  I have a ‘yarn everywhere’ issue.

8. These AMAZING granny square ideas.

9. Just about everything on the ‘Summer Boho Crochet’ search on Pinterest.

10. My own design of a crocheted doily rug.

So how do you do it? Maybe you’re a pattern hunter too? A lazy Ravlery queuer? Do you have a board that just has everything you want to make? Or maybe you are heaps neat and have categorised boards? I have both. I like categories, but sometimes I just want a little mood board inspiration type stuff.

So here’s to a long, crafty, crochet filled existence with mountains of awesomeness, heaps of projects and delicious photos of things to make and share.  I can’t believe I’m going to have all this time! I am SO epically excited right now.  Super yay!!

Maybe you want to make all the things too?    Tell me in the comments!



6 thoughts on “I want to make ALL the things!

  1. Oh my! You ARE a crafty little thing, aren’t you? You should see my coffee table/crochet graveyard. I have bits and body parts strewn everywhere, yet nothing seems to be getting done because I want to do EVERYTHING. (Sigh) I blame Pinterest. Oh, and Ravelry. Definitely Ravelry. Hmm… and… also my own inability to focus and be satisfied with one project at a time (heh heh). To the hooks!!


  2. I’m with you! Too many ideas, not enough time! Too much online crochet instead of real life – dare I suggest too much blogreading?? :-O Some things I won’t change! hehehe
    Good luck with achieving your plans, may you have many happy crochet days 🙂

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