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Making your first pattern? Fairies helped with mine…

Perhaps you’re a blogger too? Are YOU thinking about releasing your very first pattern? I thought as much.  So I decided to put together experiences that may prove helpful and hopefully insightful but that are, I’ll face it, more than likely hysterical.  So I’ll crack on with it I suppose…

First of all – Learn to use Microsoft Power Point.  Of course, it’s totally not essential, however, you can create LOTS of super fun slides that look totally amazeballs like this:


I do warn you though, it can take a VERY long time if you’re a perfectionist like me.  I had no idea (naturally) how long my first pattern was going to take, which is why I chose a beginner’s tutorial and it ended up taking me a month to take all the pictures, edit them, write the copy, arrange the slides, edit the copy and finally edit the slides.  I spent about 3-4 hours on it everyday and sometimes a whole day.  But like I said I really hadn’t done this before and I was learning Power Point pretty much from scratch at the same time as learning how to put a pattern together and the process that go with that.   I thought it was really important to aim for a super high standard too – you never know, one day my designs might be super duper popular and I want to be known for AMAZEBALLS quality.

In any case the layouts are why I really recommend just giving it a go (they make things look so professional!) and even if you just do a practice tutorial of say, “How to colour in” or “How to use a calculator”, taking all the relevant photos as prompts and then when you actually come to writing your REAL tutorial you will be SO much more prepared.

Presuming of course that you don’t know how to use it already. Then you wouldn’t do that.  But you SHOULD be using it for your patterns!

Secondly and possibly lastly as I am really not quite sure how many points I am about to cover at the same time – if any – I might just be recounting an experience….You may find yourself in tricky situations when it comes to finding out more about your camera, or more specifically, that perfect patch of light.

Simply put, you can get into really odd and very awkward positions when you go after that perfect shot in a predatory like manner – nothing matters anymore.  All the chips are in.  You’re just thinking “Get the shot, get the shot, get the shot”, you click the button and RIGHT THEN the lense retracts and a battery sign flashes while “Change the batteries” appears across the screen in white letters – which for some reason I hear in my head in the voice of the ship’s computer from Star Trek Voyager.  At this point there’s nothing to do but lay there like a dead contortionist, wrapped halfway around the washing machine and squeezed through a squeezy gap, to get the perfect angle, in that perfect bit of light that lands so happily on the doorway of the laundry at noon everyday…..

I know at this point I called out to the battery fairies several times and  was saddened by their neglect.  I thought they liked me. I felt deserted.  But as it turns out they just take a little while to get things done.  It’s the little wings I suppose.  So they can’t be blamed.  Tinkerbell must be like their Superman or something.  Anyway you see the very next day I found more batteries RIGHT there in the studio (they love me!) –  so clearly  the moral of the story here is folks that if you don’t believe in fairies then you have problems.  Seriously. Believe that fairies are helping you get things done.  It works.

You know…or you could just buy extra batteries.  Just an alternative.  Or an extra thing…I don’t think the fairies would mind if you bought extra batteries.

As for getting yourself out from behind the washing machine – all the best eh, although having said that you could try the fairies again at this point, there’d be no shame in it now.  Once of course you do manage to free yourself from your light-hunter’s stance I thoroughly recommend you take a break.  Oh finish the thing by all means, edit what you must and post it for sale only when you are absolutely happy with it and entirely sure that you have done your best or mark my words it will bug you.

And then? – and then take a break…it’s time to replenish your creativity.


5 thoughts on “Making your first pattern? Fairies helped with mine…

  1. Haha, I’m so glad your magical fairies helped you to finally get there. Editing and picture-taking can be so much work!!! I hope you didn’t have to roll around on the laundry floor for too long. All my pictures end up being taken in poor light, so I always use at least two programs to brighten them up (LINE Camera on my phone, and either Ribbet or Photo Editor Online ~ and the inbuilt Instagram editor is also amazing!).
    Ooh! AsaMarie, I came across the most awesome free editing software yesterday. CANVA! It is PERFECT for making pdfs, posters, blog graphics, etc (I used it to make my latest monkey picture). In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s what Pip Lincolne used to make her Shake it Up ebook (although, I could be wrong). Check it out, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner, it would have saved me SO MUCH TIME.

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    1. Thank you for the suggestion of CANVA – I had never heard of it before so I will check it out as as soon as I can and add it to the list of photo editing software that I compiled in 2014 as part of Knitting & Crochet Blog week:
      At the moment, I am finding Pixlr has all the important features for a free editor but as a new Instagram user, i am impressed with the options it provides too, especially being able to edit the photos as part of the posting process – not having to edit first elsewhere and then post.
      It is always tricky learning new tools but, like anything, it gets quicker with practice.

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