My first published pattern!

Lilac Final Photos 306.JPG


It’s out! It’s here! It’s officially available!  My Lilac The Bear Bag  is currently on sale to celebrate – so grab it quick! Sale ends 23:59 Sydney time in Australia on February 14th.

I have JUST released my very first full photo tutorial for beginners.  And yes, when I say “full tutorial”, you had better be prepared – this thing has totally got you covered….Everything is included – not only does it tell you how to make the bag featuring super handy step by step photos, it also contains mini tutorials on backstitch and sewing the bear face, how to get the bear face onto the bag AS WELL AS a bag lining!

Yowzers.  It’s a lot when you say it like that.  So if you’re looking for  a fabulous gift to make a little girl super happy, look no further as this can be wrapped up by the end of the weekend.

Oh and because you’re all my favourites I thought I’d give you a sneaky little peak!  Happy crocheting!

Lilac Blog Screenie

Are you a blogger too? Are YOU thinking of publishing YOUR first pattern?  Stay tuned for my next post and read all about my super rad experiences while making my own first pattern for sale.  I mean, genuinely, super rad.

Fairies were involved. Fairies!  See.  I told you it’s super rad

Lilac Final Photos 328  Lilac Final Photos 321 Lilac Final Photos 195


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