The Triangle Shawl


I just loved every moment of this pattern – found here.  

I decided to use Paton’s Embrace (no affiliation) because it is just so soft and no surprise there being 90% merino and 10% silk.  Of course you’ll see the pattern calls for a 2.5mm hook but I decided to explode that and used a 4mm hook instead and my oh my how it reveals the pattern!

I made it for my mother in law this Chrissy just gone and she loves it.  So much so that I have decided that I am jealous and that I want one in blue. Now. 

Did you make anything for loved ones this Christmas?

What was it? Can I have the pattern? Err…I mean to say if it’s no trouble of course and it was a freebie (laughs nervously, attempting to hide pattern crazed nature…) then you know I would love to take a peak – in fact – why not share your finished gifts from last Christmas over at The Crafty Poppet on Facebook? That would be so cool I can’t wait to see your projects!

Don’t you just love the patterns on the Pierrot site though? I mean seriously if you haven’t been there just drop everything right now and snag yourself a freebie (or totally pig out and download them all like I did in a more than predatory like manner).


6 thoughts on “The Triangle Shawl

    1. Oh thank you Marion! Yes I did block it, but the openness of the lace is more largely due to the 4mm hook instead of 2.5mm – which I prefer very much so. Having said that it would be nice to have a Winter version in a 2.5mm… ANYWAY when I block things, especially like this I do not use pins or needles – just soap and water and let it dry flat in the shade. How about you? Have you hooked this project? I’d love to see it..

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  1. So gorgeous. I’m rather partial to a shawl, (they are just darn handy!) and I haven’t had a crafty project for a gazillion years. The last shawl I made took 18months…interest rose and fell like the tides, but I got there in the end.
    Anyway, beautiful shawl indeed!

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    1. Oh why thank you! If only I could claim the pattern as my own…but I did decide to explode the lace. I am JUST like you! I actually made this for my mother in laws birthday and was about 3 weeks late, never got around to giving it to her and didn’t weave in the ends til about 2 days before Christmas! Ha!


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