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The Crafty Poppet blog is here!



Hello and welcome all fellow craft nuts, crochet zealots and curious folk alike! 

Don’t you just love the first of January?  It always leaves me feeling freshly inspired and hopeful with thousands of ideas and far too much creativity for any one person…so what better day than this to start a fabulous new craft blog sharing all sorts of delectably mouth-watering crafty goodness?

Yup.  If you like crochet, sewing, embroidery and drawing or your general response to most ideas is: “Hmm….how can I make that?”, followed by no less than two hours of predatory-like searching on Pinterest, then you’re in the right place.  Of course, being a crochet designer, a little favouritism toward the craft is to be expected.

As with any craft blog worth its salt there will absolutely be more craft than you can shake a stick at.  I mean a really big stick.  Once you’ve finished with your stick-shaking you might like to watch this space for some down to earth articles on creativity, list making and life-y type things and what’s going on in the global community.  All with a creative focus of course…



4 thoughts on “The Crafty Poppet blog is here!

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! It is nice to meet more Australian crochet bloggers. I knew there had to be more out there! Well done on getting your blog organised. After reading your “Keep it Simple” post, it is a big achievement. (It took me ages to get around to blogging after reading blogs for ages but once I started, I wondered why I hesitated.) I look forward to getting to know you through your future posts. Congratulations and cheers from South Australia!

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    1. Aaaaw Jodie thank you so much for such a warm welcome! I really appreciate the time taken in your reply, it means ever such a lot and confirms a readership too. I have also found that there are not that many Aussie crochet bloggers…are you on Ravelry? There’s a bunch of us in the Aussie Crochet group but I’m not sure how many actually blog…still you may like to join! It’d be great to see you there. Thanks again for your kind comment and warm welcome : )


      1. Hi Asa-Marie, I have been on Ravelry and the Aussie Crocheters’ group there since 2010 – it seems that we both joined Ravelry within days of each other so we are like-minded there! You will find me as Jodiebodie on Ravelry.


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